Writing for the sake of writing

Well, this little project is not off to a great start. I haven’t been inspired to write anything AND I’ve created a Tinder again, so I really need to work on my self-control (but hey, at least I already knew that). The end of the semester has been kicking my butt emotionally and I’m not really sure why, but I’m hoping once classes are over my brain will calm the eff down.

At least farm work has picked up some alongside the warm weather. I’ve done some seeding and watering and I almost got to get behind a tractor and do some tilling, but unfortunately the soil was too wet. Most notably, I collected all of the maple buckets and spiles from the sugar bush by myself in the rain last Friday, which surprisingly only took four hours. For the most part, I like working alone, although by the end of this task I was definitely grumpy and very ready to be done. It was cool to go back into the woods after not having visited since the last sap collection, which was probably three or four weeks prior. This time there were a bunch of new baby plants scattered across the ground, the stream was swollen, and there were visible buds on all of the branches. I wish I could say that this quasi-magical scene filled with the anticipation of new life and a splattering of vibrant color reinstilled a new sense of purpose into my own life, but I was too busy trying to calculate how many trips it would take to bring all of the buckets back to the barn using my tiny Ford Fiesta to really appreciate the world around me.

Even though hauling buckets through the woods isn’t my favorite activity, it is still pretty satisfying to accomplish a big task like that all by yourself. Also, these kinds of things are important when it comes to reminding myself of what I am capable of and what makes me proud, especially in these past few days when I’ve felt like my mood and overall mental state have been malfunctioning.



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