To and From the Greenhouse

Thoughts while walking back from watering the seedlings in the greenhouse:

  1. the human form is so weird. our bodies are so linear and it kind of creeps me out when i think about it for too long. we’re basically walking trees.
  2. how do they make magnified mirrors? also, how have i lived my life without owning one up until this point? (i bought one yesterday and my productivity has significantly decreased, but every hair and blackhead on my face that i didn’t know existed has been efficiently extracted)
  3. there were two dudes sitting outside near my dorm area on my walk back and they might’ve thought that i was walkin’ the good old walk of shame since it was 8 a.m. and why else would a college student be sentient/mobile at that hour on a Sunday?  Although, I was wearing my wonderful, bright yellow crocs, so they probably knew i wasn’t getting any.

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