Tractor Neck\ Tipsy


I have some tequila in my system, so bear with me. I have finally gotten the privileged to do some tractor work, and I have never been happier in my life. I love tractors. So yeah, I was driving the tractor with the transplanter on the back the other day ( I also got to do some chisel plowing f-yeah) ¬†and I was reminded of the wonderful tractor neck. You know, when you look over your shoulder so much to check your work behind you that your neck starts to cramp up and hurt a lot (idk if u actually know what i’m talking about i don’t actually know who reads this). Being very out of tractor shape, my neck was killing me every time I looked over my right shoulder to see how things were going behind me on my Massey-Ferguson *things were not always going well we had some water wheel problems* But yeah, my neck started hurting a lot, and I told myself that I should start looking over my other shoulder to alleviate some of the pain. And it worked. But it was hard. It was very unnatural to try and observe over my left shoulder and it kinda sucked and I was sitting there thinking about how I could apply this weird tractor neck lesson to my crumbling love life (i deleted my tinder again, i do enough hoeing in the fields, i don’t need to hoe after work as well). So yeah, I thought about how hoe neck is like my love life. I’ve basically only met people via tinder, with the exception of the one guy who I met at a bar who i”m 80% sure is married. So basically I’ve only met people one way, aka only been looking over my one shoulder. and it kinda hurts. and isn’t creating a wholesome/healthy tractor driver/dater. So while I was on the tractor, I started looking over the other shoulder which was awkward and really hard to train myself to do. It was hard to focus on what I should’ve been paying attention to and it felt wrong, but my neck felt so much better, so the challenge was worth it. So Im gonna challenge myself to date without tinder (wtf, can’t wait to not date until im 60) . I’m gonna force myself to date without an app, and somehow find a potential lover irl which is like finding a ghost and will probs not happen, but idc because my schedule rn is basically:

-wake up



-go to bed

yes, so my goal is to alleviate my hoe neck in my dating life. fuck tinder. fuck evan. goodnight.

this post is brought to you by camarena tequila. i swear i am an educated, classy, dirty woman.